Kupo. <3

Let's be chipper together, shall we? My name is Ellephantine, or if you prefer my non-in-game name, it's Ruijie, but feel free to call me Elle.

So, I'm not as collection-crazy as Tony, but instead of collecting weapons, I collect HATS. Big hats, small hats, round ones, square ones, black ones, white ones, crazy colored ones, goofy lookin' ones, normal lookin' ones. Whatever I feel like. I only collect in-game of course. Tony says they're not as "useful" as his little toys, but I don't care. Poopoo shame on him for saying that. I have 12 hats, some are tailor-made, and some I bought. They're definitely my treasures, and I'll never let them go. EVER. So don't come and ask me for my hats, because I will not take it lightly.

In addition to hats, I like Moogles. If you don't know what they are, you should google it. They're just so darn cute. x3

This little bundle of joy is not playing Dofus as of May, but she will visit because it tears her apart to be away from everyone for so long. She may seem bitter at first, but she really loves all of you and wishes to be friends with everyone. She posts daily on forums to let people know that she's still alive and well, and she likes to see you guys post to know that you're all still alive and well. She's sad about leaving everyone, but it was a good thing for her. Elle loves you all, she swears. Or else she wouldn't have stuck with you all for 3 years. She misses everyone and hopes that everything's well.


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