Welcome to my character page!

I am Arai (Formally known as Harlyquinn)

I am currently level 199 nearing the big 200.You may know me as the first ever chance eniripsa on our server, or as the lowest leveled character to qualify for the Goultard Tournament, or just as the cunt that yells a lot in /g.

I am married in game to one of our amazing guildies (-XtremeEdgeGT-) and I feel guild is like a second family to me. A very dysfunctional family.

I have four characters total. Each of them having a different personality that I created for them.

Arai: Orignally named Harlyquinn. She is the first chance eniripsa on Rushu (possibly the entire game). She went chance at level 56 when the Otomai update changed the damage element on Vampiric Word. She is my pride and joy of a character. She is fully scrolled, fully geared, and take priority in new gear over the other characters. As for eggs, the only one she would like is a crimson. She has her vulbis and emerald already. She is the vit happy overmage crazy failfairy.

DavidBlaine: He is my stray cat. I adopted the character back when my main was in her 140's. I was tempted to quit my eni and start over as an eca when a friend of mine decided to quit the game. I since have played him and he is currently in the 180;s. Funny thing is that the original owner of this character was one of the original members of EHJ ;)

I tend to have him act as the true stray that no one wants, yet we still love him. He is probably my most powerful character the one I spoil most out of my alts. He is my favorite to play out of all of mine. He is my strength character and is a crit happy whore. He would kill to have a turqouise dofus.

Lytta: Her original name was Harleh after what a friend of mine in Storm Troopers used to call me. After changing my main eni's name to Arai, I decided that she needed one as well. After a long night of discussion with my in game husband we settled on the name Lytta. Lytta is a spoiled brat. She is a daddys little girl and hits on everything. She is married to the alt of my husband. She is my agility eniripsa and is the mp whore. She just wants a vulbis. She keeps stealing Arai's >.>

Harly: She is the recreation of what I should have done the first time around. She is a pure intel healbot slave. She is portrayed as submissive and only around to heal. She got sick of the crazy people she runs with and decided to marry a friend and guildie (Osakoo). She is currently inactive due to lack of real life cash.

As I mentioned I am married in game. I am married to possibly the most amazing person in this game. We were so drawn to each other that we ended up falling for each other in real life. After meeting, him and I decided that we really did love each other as much as we thought. I am currently in the process of moving cross country to live with him. He is the reason I still play this game. He is who dropped both my emerald and the vulbis that I stole from him. Anything that I want to do in the game always goes through him. We share our characters equally. Both of us have worked on the other's characters so we can't say we have our own separate alts anymore. We have a full 8 person team between us. Four eniripsas, two pandawas, and two ecaflips. Our Furries and Fairies.

I could talk forever about my friends in the game, but I just want to thank this amazing guild and all the members. They are very supportive of what I am and don't get too upset when I rage all over /g. It is an epic guild and the sexiest guild on rushu. :D

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