I am the bride to Satan, lord of the Hell realm. As such, an unholy guard always escorts me around. As the future wife of Hell's lord, I am granted with his power. Because I am not as strong as him, I must pass through the ten aspects of Death, each aspect granting a new power of Hell.

There are Ten Aspects to my hidden power.

Intoxication Aspect:Edit

Objective: Reach 101 scrolled in all stats.

Progress: I am 101 in Intelligence and Strength, 61 in Vitality, Wisdom, and Chance, and 51 in Agility.

Loneliness Aspect:Edit

Objective: Get every Summoning Spell to 6, including Chafer and Arachanee.

Progress: I am halfway through this. A lot of diamond-farming is required for this along with several other seals.

Despair Aspect:Edit

Objective: Get every buff spell to 6.

Progress: I have most of the buffs at 6, excluding for Bear Cry (1), Feline Movement (3), and Fangs of Boowolf (1).

Sacrifice Seal:Edit

Objective: Reach Level 6 Cawwot and at least Level 4 Release.

Progress: Both are Level 1.

Destruction Aspect:Edit

Objective: Reach Rank 10 and obtain Rank 10 Wings.

Progress: I am currently a knight, Rank 5.

Insanity Aspect:Edit

Objective: Obtain an Ochre Dofus.

Progress: Don't have one yet!

Rage Seal:Edit

Objective: Obtain an Turqourise Dofus.

Progress: Don't have one yet!

Old Age Seal:Edit

Objective: Obtain an Camo Mount with +MP and either +300 Vitality or +80 Chance (or the primary stat at the time).

Progress: As of now, I use a normal Mount of +200 Vitality and +MP.

Greed Seal:Edit

Objective: Obtain a better amulet, a better weapon, and a +80 PP pet.
Progress: I'm not even concerned about this at the moment.

Nihilism Seal:Edit

Objective: Reach Level 200.

Progress: I am Level 163 currently.

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